Cameron Toll Shopping Centre Workshop 2012

We were approached by White Wall Marketing in April about running an Urban Arts workshop in the food court area of the Cameron Toll Shopping Centre during the Easter school holidays.

The idea behind the workshops was to utilise a specific area of the food court which had recently become empty. The artwork was designed by MSCreative around the theme of shopping and art playing on the Pop Art theme. The end result being a large scale piece titled "Pop Shop" which Young People attending the workshops could interpret using colours of there choice.

Due to the indoor nature and location of this work this artwork had to be created using only paint pens and acrylic paints, no spray paint was used in creating this artwork .

The workshop was a great success and was featured on the front page of the Saturday edition of the Evening News. The artwork is on permanent display in the upstairs food court area of Cameron Toll Shopping Centre.

Thanks to Connie Terris from Whitewall Marketing for involving us in this project.