Broomhouse Market - Let's Colour Mural Project 2012

We were contacted by Whale Arts Agency back in June about an exciting project to transform the Broomhouse Market Place in West Edinburgh. Organised by Broomhouse Health Strategy Group using grant funding and free paint from Dulux under there international community campaign Let's Color.

After an initial consultation with WHALE and BHSG we began working on the project straight away with workshops running at the BIG Project summer program and sessions at the Young Carers Project gathering ideas from a wide spectrum of the community.
We then took the drawings and ideas put forward and formed them into large scale vibrant mural works which would then be painted by a large group of volunteers on the shop fronts and walls of the Market Place during August.

Overall the painting work took just over 2 weeks to complete and has been to date one the most rewarding piece of work we have had the pleasure of being involved with thanks to Lucy and BHSG for involving us and everyone from Broomhouse who volunteered there time to help with the transformation.

Words from Lucy Aitchison
(BHSG Co-Ordinator)

The Power of Volunteering!
Broomhouse Health Strategy Group, a community-led local health project had a whirlwind summer of volunteer work, resulting in the fantastic colour transformation of Broomhouse Market in South West Edinburgh where they are based. Its community empowerment at its best – local volunteers teaming together to change their area for the better!

After being awarded funds and over 250 litres of paint from Dulux through their Let’s Colour Grant Programme in June, the Broomhouse Health Strategy Group commissioned the artists MSCreative to draw up designs for the large mural wall, 5 shop shutters and 2 other large wall surfaces – over 450m2 of surface area! Over the summer design workshops were held with local residents and youth groups, resulting in some amazing designs.
The practical work took place over three weeks starting at the end of August. Over 60 local and business volunteers contributing over 200 days of hard practical work! Alongside local volunteers of all ages, there were groups of volunteers from The Princes Trust, Tesco Bank and ESPC.
It’s an amazing example of community empowerment – the local community came together to make it happen. The result is not just a colourful facelift, but also an increase in social connections within the community, with some very proud active local volunteers and a local community that has had its self- esteem significantly raised.

Feedback From Local Residents and Volunteers

“I think that it has made local the community look better and brighter, it’s awesome” – Bethany Inglis (Local Volunteer)

“ Must say I was sceptical at first but I have to say it really astounded me. I take my hat off to you all. It’s fantastic, brilliant with such a small amount of money. Glad I helped after all my reservations” - William Nicol (Local Volunteer)

“I think its brilliant. Made a massive difference to the local community. Looks amazing and had brilliant feedback whilst we were painting.” – Natalie Allan (Local Volunteer)

“ Nice and bright. Thanks” – Andy Norton (Local Volunteer) “ Brilliant and bright” – Evelyn Todd (Local Volunteer)

“ I think it’s a great initiative and it’s a great way to bring the community members that wouldn’t normally socialise together” – Morag Ironside (Local Volunteer)

“An inspiring attempt to encourage people to become involved in improving their own communities. Hopefully it will inspire local councils to support the work” – Tom Sillar (Local Volunteer)

“ Has made such a huge difference to the area. Brilliant!” – Carol Swan (Local Volunteer)

“I thought it was a great idea and has helped the area look more presentable” – Kerry Hardie (Princes Trust volunteer)

“ I think it’s a brilliant idea as some places are pretty grim. Barry man.” – Ross Stuart (Princes Trust volunteer)

“Absolutely fantastic, bright, colourful and brings a smile to your face.” – Sue (Local Volunteer)

“Great ideas and beautiful.” – Naomi (Local Resident) “It just makes you smile so much less intimidating.”( local resident)

“I think it made a big difference to the local community. There was a lot of interest from passer-by’s and I think they were pleased people were interested in their community”(Tesco Bank Volunteer)