Behind The Wall
Tunnel Project 2009

In 2009, MSCreative member Brian was contacted by Callum McLeod, to create a mural on the bricked up entrance of the Scotland Street Tunnel, it was explained that the mural would be created with the help of young people from the local area and once the mural was completed, it would stand for a period of time before the wall would be demolished, but with good reason!

The idea for the project was to create something eye-catching that would draw attention to the entrance to the tunnel and create a buzz around the planned building of Youth Shelter in the tunnel entrance.

It was covered in the local press and when the wall was demolished the bricks were auctioned off to raise funds for the project.

The design was created after a few drawing workshops held in the park and the young people showed enthusiasm even though it was mid-October.

Since the mural was painted and demolished the tunnel has been transformed again with a temporary metal gate. You can see more of the progress by clicking here.