Arts is Magic Tramway Theatre
Glasgow 1998

We were invited by Shoma Mazumder from the Glasgow based Arts Is Magic organisation to take part in The Art Beyond The Edge Festival taking place at the Tramway Theatre. MSCreative ran a full day of workshops creating two large scale pieces based around the Art beyond The Edge theme involving various Primary School Groups visiting the Festival for the day.

Shoma has written this about the AIM project and Festival: "AiM (Arts is Magic) was a community art project with charitable status that developed and promoted arts and education programmes around Glasgow and Central Scotland for people of all ages with and without disabilities. AiM worked with local and international artists with and without disabilities in delivering a variety of programmes through it's annual AiM Festival and many projects in schools and community groups. The AiM Festival was the largest free event in Glasgow which was attended by school and community groups from Glasgow and its surrounding areas. It provided a platform for local artists from a multitude of disciplines and backgrounds to perform and present workshops to school and community groups. Attendance at the Festival events in the Tramway was over 1500 people."